Alignment and the nervous system

Re - Align

Our traumas, our suffering and our exposure from a young age to stressors affects our alignment and our mis-alignment re-enforces our pain story. Over the years (and currently) I have parents who brought their kids to me and want me to help Improve their kids alignment issues and posture. This is especially true after they took them to physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments and they were in-effective. 

Of course this is a broad stroke over those therapies not to say that they are not effective, but in these cases with highly sensitive kids, they will interpret those treatments and approaches as invasive. This on a subconscious level will re-enforce the habitual , protective patterns. This is how early scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis is created. I also see it progress with people postures as they move into their twenties, thirties , forties and so on. In my work with trauma and complex chronic pain I always start with postural awareness and re-education. 

It is the first principle that is part of my NeuroPath Reset Method. I use mirrors in my treatment room and take at times picture to help visually the client to see, feel and experience the different states of their bodymind. To me the alignment is the beginning of what I call, "The Architecture of Healing". Where we can create the right conditions for a more empowered operative system.

  • *One that provides , ease and power. 
  • *One that changes the activity of the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervous system. 
  • *One that with time, re-enforces the desire to let go of those habitual protective mechanisms that no longer serve us.
  • *One that increases our Intuition and boundaries. 
  • *One that gives us vitality, power and agility.

I love watching the faces in the mirror when the changes in the alignment happen with ease once we bring awareness to certain areas and reset the nervous system. 

The experience that EASE can bring CHANGE is the magic and the necessary experience for the nervous system to experience over and over again. This is vital for the retraining for the part of our brain that is primitive, animalistic and habitual .

 "If I can control how I experience myself in this suit, I can control how I feel in the environments that I am in. This gives me more confidence that I can create change and the body is my measurement, my feedback mechanism , my truth." 

Re - Align yourself and your life will Re - Align.