Most of us are like rabbits! 

Coming out of our holes run into another the whole time afraid something might happen, someone might hurt us, they will hurt us, this will hurt us.

Some of us are sheep, heads in the ground gated and guarded . Guided by others to produce and to be a source for others to benefit. 

Some of us are the “Black Sheep” , feeling different, standing out; feeling inadequate and unwanted. The outcast, the crazy ones, the rejected.

Some of us are jackals who live in packs of intimidation and dominance . Looking for power, self indulgence , prey on the weak and vulnerable.

Very few are tigers who achieve ease and power . 

Sufficiency with self and others , empowered In knowing to walk the plains of life . In every moment having agility, power, ease and presence.  

To a fortunate few, some of us soar like the great eagles. 

Above our fears and what is not clear due to attachments of illusions . 

Having a vantage point of the collective, of the interconnect, inter-dependence of all what Is natural, Gaia and all the elements of life.

Soar to your greater heights towards the unlimited as your life depends on it.

Written by: Mihael Mamychshvili