Ancient movements for health & Vitality - Makko Ho

Invented by a Shiatsu Grand Master , Shizuto Masunaga from Japan in the early 60’s to help therapists and patients achieve balance and good health. 

Unlike many stretching exercises, the Makko Ho Movements were designed to stimulate the organs and the associated meridians (energy channels/nerves). 

This is part of Shiatsu therapy to not only treat the patient but to prescribe exercises and tools to help the patients help themselves.

The Makko Ho Is a combination of stretching, visualization, breath-work and meditation. Therefore take your time in each pose – 3-5 minutes slowly doing it until you feel that it was good enough. When done in a sequence It creates an overall effect of well-being, calmness and alertness at the same time. If you are in a weakened state this exercise will strengthen you with time and rejuvenate your bodymind.

 *Its best to do them if you not sure with an Instructor to guide you. 

*Take you time and respect your current ability

*These movements can be modified