I have been working with Trauma for the last 25 years personally and clinically and It has been a powerful Journey that also become a big part of my purpose as we are all realizing trauma Is a global epidemic that we all share.

  • Date: 01/11/2024 10:00 AM - 03/11/2024 05:00 PM
  • Location International Academy For Hara Shiatsu (Map)

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 What I have learned after looking at statistics (pre-pandemic) and working with over 15,000 people is that Trauma Is the root cause of most diseases and disorders, including complex chronic pain.

I believe that Shiatsu therapy, when given additional tools and trauma-informed lenses, can be an invaluable modality in helping our clients, families and communities.

As I discovered in my experiences, trauma is never resolved until the body resolves it and It also must be a co-creative process that requires our clients to be active participants. We must create a safe and empowering relationship an alliance that is built on; embodied trust, awareness, accountability and tools to be exercised against the usual triggers.

Discover for yourself the profound potential of Shiatsu therapy in addressing trauma and promoting healing and self-realization In our 3-day intensive workshop. 

Join us on a transformative journey where Intuition is exercised in a scientific lab of trauma, where ancient Eastern wisdom meets modern proven clinical therapeutic techniques, offering you the tools and knowledge to impact the lives of those dealing with trauma.


Course outline:

Day 1: Foundation NeuroPath Reset Method 

* Understand the physiological and psychological effects of trauma on the body-mind-spirit connection.

* Understand the 5 principles of NeuroPath Reset Method and the 6 A's of change and transformation

* Learn techniques to change and navigate the different states of fight, flight & freeze

* How to embody trust, create boundaries and build a therapeutic relationship

* How to ReAlign the body-mind and create an architecture for a different operative system

* How to assess the posture and SEE the "trauma story" and our ADAPTATION.

* How to diagnose the Shen/Heart, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual & help identify central conflict.


Day 2: NPR & Shiatsu Trauma Treatment Protocols

* How to identify the protective barriers and disarm them with ease.

* Changing Anxiety and Panic Attacks In 5 - 8 minutes

* Learn to reset the vagus nerve 

* How to create a safe environment for emotional releases

* How to be with and help move anger and rage.

* Balance heightened states of Qi using the Central vessel channel

* Learn tools to work with Fears, resistance and self-sabotage consciously


Day 3: Tools For Resilience

* Review FEARS and build resilience. 

* Introduction to the 5 elements of response to trauma and best approaches to work with each..

* Mind-body synchronization: Explore the role of mindfulness and breathwork in enhancing the therapeutic process.

* Practical exercises: Work with real-life trauma scenarios and practice client-centred approaches to maximize healing outcomes.

* Ethical considerations and self-care: Learn to create safe and supportive healing spaces while maintaining your well-being as a practitioner.

* Q & A period - ending the workshop with some questions that are left.