When people come to us as therapists with the chronic effects of trauma and complex chronic pain what they want Is CHANGE. When we listen to the narrative of one's Pain Story, we can see and feel Its effects on the bodymind and recognize how they spill over into every aspect of the being. Releasing the habitual patterns of trauma and creating an Architecture for Healing in the co-creative process of trauma work, one has the opportunity to CHANGE THEIR PAIN STORY.

  • Date: 25/10/2024 10:00 AM - 27/10/2024 05:00 PM
  • Location 8 Rue Gutenberg, 93100 Montreuil, France (Map)
  • More Info: Dojo des Guilands



After spending 25 years diving into the world of trauma and seeing over 15,000 clients over those year as a therapist and owner of an Integrative clinic, I've created NeuroPath Reset Method to help people CHANGE THEIR PAIN STORY. 

NeuroPath Reset Method combines: 

* Shiatsu therapy

* Neuro Manipulations

* Coaching

* Facilitating

* Shamanic Work

* Intuition Development

What will you learn in this upcoming workshop:

Day 1 - Resetting The Protective Patterns (Review)

* Establishing Boundaries and Embodying Trust

* Recognizing the Pain Story and Rewriting the Narrative

* Recognizing what's In the way , where is the resistance and shadow

* Posture Assessment - Reading The Pain Story 

* Learning Powerful Routine to remove the protective patterns of Trauma.

* New Techniques for Vagus Nerve Reset.

Day 2 - Dissolving The Cords Of Trauma

* Treatment strategies for the 5 elements and their trauma response pattern

* Identifying the patterns of fears and their blind spots and mechanisms

* Treatment to support resilience

* Using tools to reset our triggers

* Working with Guilt, Shame & Regret 

* Eliminating the cords of pain in relationships

Day 3 - Light Activation 

* Sensing Ja Ki ("Sick", or stuck energy) and transforming into Sei Ki (Natural Healing Energy) using trauma release points/areas.

* Exploring shamanistic views for trauma work

* Resolving Ancestral Trauma using Shamanic Methods

* Learning how to amplify our abilities to channel and transmit* 

* How to involve the spirit and the spiritual into healing

* Experience Surrender a healing experience

* Review time