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Trauma is a global pandemic and more then ever people need tools and intelligent touch for trauma release.

  • Date: 01/07/2023 10:00 AM - 02/07/2023 05:00 PM
  • Location Lisbon, Portugal (Map)


Shiatsu and Trauma

The impact of trauma on individuals is significant and long-lasting, affecting their mind, body, and soul. Trauma survivors often relive their traumatic experiences repeatedly, and their bodies become like crime scenes. They do not feel safe and try to stay outside of their body as much as possible. Many are plagued by shame for how they acted or did not act during the traumatic event and try to numb those feelings. Trauma can lead to a loss of self, as survivors may feel defined by the trauma they experienced.

For trauma to be addressed, it needs to be witnessed and validated. When trauma is minimized or shamed, it goes underground and remains within the body and mind, wreaking havoc until it can be released. Trauma survivors may be unable to talk about their experiences immediately following the event, leading to unprocessed emotions, thoughts, and memories that get dumped into the body. These can manifest as physical and emotional symptoms such as depression, body aches, and pain.

While talk therapy is an essential step in the healing process, it may not be enough to address the way trauma is held in the body. Trauma survivors need to learn that the danger has passed and live in the reality of the present. Shiatsu therapy and NeuroPath Reset tools, can bridge the gap and help survivors safely process their thoughts and emotions, moving them into a space of healing. 

 Trauma-informed Shiatsu and other NeuroPath Reset tools can help survivors learn how to trust and accept their body, releasing what has been stored and unprocessed for so long.

I have been working with Trauma for the last 25 years personally and clinically. What I have learned working with over 15,000 people is that Trauma is the root cause of most diseases and disorders, including complex chronic pain. 

I believe that Shiatsu therapy when given additional tools and trauma informed lenses can be an Invaluable modality with  helping the real pandemic that Trauma is. 

As in my experience trauma is never resolved until the body resolves it. 

In my workshop for Shiatsu therapists you will learn:

  • How to diagnose the habitual patterns of trauma on the bodymind and meridian system

  • How to diagnose the conflict in the Shen.

  • How to create safe boundaries and embody trust for you and your client.

  • How to disarm the protective patterns

  • How to reset the nervous system consistently so the body can be prepared to release what is being stored and managed, or traumatic energy.

  • How to release generational trauma and the bondage of pain.

  • How to work with medical trauma, abuse victims, work related trauma, war trauma and developmental trauma.

When: July 1st & 2nd, 10am - 5pm

Regular price - 300 euro after May 15th

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