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I have been working with Trauma for the last 25 years personally and clinically. It has been a powerful Journey but also a big part of my purpose as we are all realizing trauma Is a global epidemic that we all share. What I have learned after looking at statistics (pre pandemic) and working with over 15,000 people is that Trauma Is the root cause of most diseases and disorders, including complex chronic pain. I believe that Shiatsu therapy, when given additional tools and trauma-informed lenses, can be an Invaluable modality with helping our clients, families and communities. As I discovered in my experiences, trauma is never resolved until the body resolves it and that is must be a co-creative process that requires our clients to be active participants. We must create a safe and empowering relationship that is built on; embodied trust, awareness, accountability and tools to be exercised against the usual triggers.

  • Date: 17/05/2024 10:00 AM - 19/05/2024 05:00 PM
  • Location 8 Rue Gutenberg, 93100 Montreuil, France (Map)
  • More Info: The dojo is located in Montreuil, behind the M. Dufriche hall, at 8 rue Gutenberg, at the end of the courtyard on the right. Access by the Robespierre metro (line 9, exit r. Barbes) in 2 min, or bus 318 stop Robespierre.


Course Overview:

Discover the profound potential of Shiatsu therapy in addressing trauma and promoting holistic healing in our two-day intensive workshop. Join us on a transformative journey where ancient Eastern wisdom meets modern proven clinical therapeutic techniques, offering you the tools and knowledge to make a real impact on the lives of those dealing with trauma.

Course outline:

Day 1: Foundation NeuroPath Reset Method 

  • Understand the physiological and psychological effects of trauma on the body-mind-spirit connection.

  • Learn techniques to change and navigate the different states of fight, flight & freeze

  • How to embody trust , create boundaries and build the therapeutic relationship

  • Acknowledge the aspect of spirit and channeling 

  • How to ReAlign the bodymind and create an architecture for a different operative system

  • How to diagnose the Shen/Heart , physical, mental, emotional and spiritual & help identify central conflict

  • How to identify the protective barriers and disarm them with ease

    Day 2: NPR & Shiatsu Trauma Treatment protocols

    • Learn to reset the vagus nerve 

    • How to create a safe environment for emotional releases

    • How to be with and help move rage

    • Changing anxiety and panic attacks

    • Learning the different organ system patterns with trauma

    • Balance heightened states of Qi using the Central vessel channel

    • Learn tools to consciously work with Fears, resistance and self sabotage

    • Receive "Master keys" to resolve intergenerational trauma and familial trauma

    • Mind-body synchronization: Explore the role of mindfulness and breathwork in enhancing the therapeutic process.

    • Practical exercises: Work with real-life trauma scenarios and practice client-centered approaches to maximize healing outcomes.

    • Ethical considerations and self-care: Learn to create safe and supportive healing spaces while maintaining your own well-being as a practitioner.

DAY 3 - Surrender - Activation of Spirit

  • Exploring shamanistic views for trauma work
  • Learning how to amplify our abilities to channel and transmit
  • How to involve the spirit and the spiritual into healing
  • Releasing ancestral cords
  • Experience Surrender a healing experience
  • Review time