Trauma Release Program

Trauma Release Program is a culmination of 25 years of exploring, studying and working with Trauma and the body. 

Often times It's not what happens to us, but the lack of tools and the volume that it creates in us that causes us pain and suffering post trauma event/s, or period. 

To protect us the mind is designed to create sophisticated mechanisms to initially help us survive, then manage and store it until we are ready to deal with it. 

Traditionally the way we "deal" with it is with our mind, but often time the wisdom of the body is disregarded, misinterpreted and cut off, or even seen as part of the "problem". 

We become fragmented, dissociated with parts of us storing, some managing, some vigilant and others just getting by. 

Over the last 20 years I have worked with all kinds of traumas such as:

  • Medical traumas
  • Motor Vehicle Traumas
  • Work related traumas/Injuries
  • Developmental traumas
  • Abuse physical/sexual
  • Torture victims
  • Occult victims
  • War veterans
  • Workplace psychological trauma
  • Secondary trauma victims

You will have a customized treatment plan for your specific needs and disposition . There will be a thorough assessment and interview process to learn how you've been affected by Trauma and where the effects are being managed by the BodyMind. 

The protocol will Involve one on one treatment time, coaching and group classes (at an agreed time/stage). The group classes involve learning NeuroPath Reset tools to regulate nervous system, Identify and elease chronic pain patterns and emotional patterns through the body. You will learn how to build resilliency in the nervous system and bring it to a state of resolution.

Your Investment $3500