The effects of traumas can be devastating but we are masters In Adaptation and we can adapt event to the worst traumas imagined, trust me I have seen it. Working with tousands of clients with trauma I have identified Innate protective patterns that make one treatment resistant and can create in fact a sort of imprisonment in the bodymind. This 3 hour video course dives into the body's perspective and maps out the differnt body parts, organs and the Parasympathetic nervous system, highlighting the vagus nerve. This course gives you assessment areas and a step by step treatment sequence to start resetting the protective patterns with EASE. I say EASE not to be arrogant, but to emphasize that when working with clients and their traumas, conditions and symptoms associated; one has to demonstrate to the hyperviligant nervous system that CHANGE CAN COME WITH EASE. When recruiting the client in the process and encouraging them to be active in the process, rather then passive a few things happen: 1. You bring much more AWARENESS in this way as you are educating them to what you are doing and why. 2. You also Instill ACCOUNTABILITY to the therapuetic process and their desired outcome which is CHANGE. 3. The ACTIONS are not invasive and require minumum effort and don't inflict pain and they are done with EASE. 4. The ASSESSMENT and RE-ASSESSMENTS demonstrate the change 5. They tend to ASSIMILATE the treatments on a deeper level in the bodymind 6. Most Importantly you've created an ALLIANCE - this is a journey and now they found an Ally. This routine touches on an article I wrote on my website and has been taught to a few hundred therapists with great results clinically pouring in everyday from all over the world. This video seminar is suited for all forms of bodywork and manual therapists.

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